Sunday, 23 July 2017

Depression in the Workplace: What Can a Manager Do?

Managers with experience know that their job is really two-fold; one has to be a manager of a business and a manager of people at the same time. This can prove to be tricky as sometimes these two roles can collide. Employees with emotional or personal problems can and do effect productivity in a business, so management must find a balance between helping that employee reach their potential and maintaining the needs of the business. I have dealt with many different employee problems throughout my career that I never imagined I would face. I have spent hours on the phone

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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Depression; My Story

I have had depression my whole life. As a teenager I was placed on several different anti-depressants, one at a time, to try to control it but none helped. Since that time it has been found that many of those same drugs contributed to teen suicides. I hated those medicine because they dulled my creativity and my ability to communicate. I couldn’t even think about how to tell people how depressed I was. during this time I had a few times where I considered suicide. every time I contemplated it though I saw a vision of my friends mourning me

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Knowing the Signs of Depression

Depression affects about ¼ of Americans. To understand depression and the signs you must experience depression one on one. There are four various types of depression, which are major depression, dysthymia, adjustment disorders and bipolar disorders. Each disorders have various symptoms to be aware of. In this article I will discuss each disorder and what symptoms to look out for. Major Depression. This disorder is the most commonly known to affect Americans. Signs and symptoms: Self-esteem. Depression alters the self-esteem. One moment you feel on top of the world, and the next your self-esteem is being torn to shreds by

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Friday, 21 July 2017

Living with Depression

When someone is living with depression they just feel like no one loves them or cares about them at all. I still have depressing times even now but I was in a real bad depression for three years before. I had spent a year and a half taking care of my dad when he had a brain tumor. I cared for him with all the strength I had. I forced myself to be as happy as possible during that time. It is something I wish on no one. I am glad I could be there for my dad and I

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Surviving Depression

Beating the Blues Isn’t Easy, but it Can Be Done When I was junior in college, I had my first bout with serious depression. I had recently left a relationship, but my misery seemed unending. I slept about 3 hours a night, and lost about 15 pounds. I had never known anything like this before; life seemed hopeless. Looking back, I had it all. I had earned a prestigious full-ride scholarship and my grade point average approached a perfect 4.0. I was involved in volunteer and extracurricular activities that I had previously found fulfilling. I was on the path to

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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Ways to Deal with Anxiety

Anxiety is something that has to be dealt with on an individual basis. What works for one person may not work for another. What can cause stress for one person may not phase another. Treating someone with severe anxiety and panic attacks is different than treating someone mild anxiety that might only happen (for example) before a exam or flying on an airplane.There is no proven cure for anxiety but luckily there are several methods for controlling anxiety that can be tailored to any ones life style. Medications Medications are best for people with serve anxiety. In the past the

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Depression Tips

Many people really feel unfortunate and reduced at some time within existence. However medical depression is actually designated with a stressed out feeling the majority of the day time, especially each morning. Additionally, based on the DSM-IV — the guide accustomed to identify psychological health problems — you might have additional signs and symptoms along with main depression. Individuals signs and symptoms may consist of: Exhaustion and lack of power nearly every day time Emotions associated with worthlessness and shame nearly every day time Reduced focus, indecisiveness Sleeplessness and hypersomnia (excessive sleeping) nearly every day time Substantially reduced curiosity and

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